Mediation and Arbitration

Litigation can be costly not only financially but also in time and emotional energy. We believe, that given the opportunity to be heard, parties can very often reach a mutually acceptable agreement for the resolution of their claims. Often parties are not so much interested in an affirmation of right and wrong as much as they are seeking to be acknowledged and treated justly and fairly. A mediator can provide the standards for the parties to judge what is fair and what is not.

A mediator can provide parties with a sounding board that will not only make them feel that they are being heard but that also assists them in finding options that take into account the various interests at both sides of the table. Identifying shared interests is a key to a successful mediation. We view mediation as a collaborative process that allows the parties to determine their own fate.

As a member of the firm, Lourdes Lucas can provide mediation services for parties seeking to limit the costs of litigation, manage their risks and reach a speedy and mutually beneficial resolution of their dispute. Lourdes brings a wealth of experience to mediation including a civil litigation background, years of service as in house counsel and vice president in a public telecommunications company and prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. As a court appointed arbitrator, Lourdes has gained experience with alternative dispute resolution methods.

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