Workers Comp & Social Security

If you are working and are injured on the job, the law affords you certain rights and protections. Employees injured on the job are protected under the State Workman’s Compensation statutes. These laws provide compensation for injuries occurring on the job and the payment of medical treatments related thereto. The workers compensation department at Law Offices of Peter C. Lucas, LLC is quite active in representing claimants who are injured at work or on the job. We are familiar with all aspects of workers compensation from routine to complex matters and strive to maximize our clients' monetary recovery. We strive to obtain the medical treatment our client’s need. We work equally hard to obtain the benefits our client’s may require and/or be entitled to such as temporary or permanent disability benefits.

Our lawyers have over 20 years of experience in this area and can provide client’s with the representation they need to get the maximum care and compensation they are entitled to.


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